Data Science in Real Life

In this article, we will explain what is data science in real life and also mention some fields that has integrated it.

Data Science is a buzz for every technician, computer science students. And day by day it is continuously gaining popularity. Every software giants have adopted it. If you are unaware, you have also moved through it while net surfing. As we know, the database technology is advancing day by day, apart from dashboard cloud based and mobile based applications are spread worldwide. So let’s understand what is the data science in actual.

The term ‘Data’ is the information and there are lots of data on the internet. To represent these meaningful data in front of you, we able to understand it, process it, extract value from it and move it to a professional level, these all processes are Data Science.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field of data collection, data analysis, feature engineering, data prediction, data visualization. It is involved in both structured and unstructured data. Everyday when you involve in social media site, navigate locations, do some business transactions, do some store transaction, either you collect or generate data. Data Science plays a big role in these things.

Have you indicate that, while uploading a photo on Facebook, it recognizes face and suggest you to tag a friend. And similarly when we speak for search, it displays the best results for our search query, and during online shopping, after buying some products, it’s recommended us to buy other products that are in favor of buying the product. All these are happening through data science.

With the help of data science, the software companies are becoming smart or intelligent to read the human behavior and sell their products as per customer interest or need.

These are the fields that have integrated data science in it

  • Internet search engine
  • Speech Search
  • Image Recognition
  • Online shopping portal
  • Gaming
  • Airlines and ocean route planning


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