Data Structure


1. Data Structure 1.1 Introduction to Data Structure 1.2 Concepts of Data and Information 1.3 Operation on Data Structure

Introduction to Data Structure

Data Structure is a collection of data and a way of organizing and representing each element of data. So that we can easily access and work on it.

Concepts of Data and Information

Data is distinct pieces of information. It may be a single value or a set of value. This is the main entity that is utilized in computing. Data Structure is the logical relationship between these data. Even a single data type like an Integer or a String can be viewed as a single data structure. As we know today everyone wants a device with good data size. So data structure is basically organizing and representing the collection of data items.

Suppose we have a library, where all books are unorganized. If someone looks for a particular book, obviously that takes lots of time. Similarly unorganized data is not meaningful in the digital world. Data Structure is fully responsible to organize these data.

In the computer world, there is not only need to collect data and store, but also need to establish relationship between each other.

Operations on Data Structure

The operations performed on the data structure are categorized as follows.


The create operation preserves memory for the data structure. This occurs either during compile time or run time.


It releases the memory allocated for the specified data structure.


It is used to access the particular data element from the data structure.


It is used to modify or update data structure.


It looks for the desired element and its position in a data structure.


It is a process of arranging all the data items in a particular way either ascending or descending. There are various sorting techniques like bubble sort, quick sort, selection sort, heap sort.


It is a process of combining the two sorted lists into a single sorted list.


It is a process of partitioning a single data structure into multiple list.


It is a process of visiting every element of the list one by one.