Abstract Data Type

Abstraction is wrapping of functionality in a block and ignoring the internal part. It means to consider separated from the detail specification. It only focuses on the view and hide the information on how the data will be organized in the memory and which algorithm will be used to process the data.

In the programming world, the code becomes so large that unlikely we will have to understand the code. So we divide the programming code into small chunk and makes the coding pattern easier to understand. It makes easier of the updation or new implementation in the code.

This is the most important concept of data science. Abstraction Data Types (ADT) implementation are not visible to the user. It has an inside and outside. The outside is called Interface and inside is called Implementation. The separation between the inside and outside is called Abstraction barrier.

Abstract data type is totally theoretical part. It specifies the description of abstract algorithm, evaluate the data structure and describe the type system of programming languages.


Integers are an abstract data types, which is used in addition, multiplication, division and other mathematical calculation. The computer displays the result, according to the given mathematical instructions without disclosing how the integers are evaluated by the computer.

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