jQuery Tutorial

jQuery Introduction

jQuery is lightweight, small javascript library. The intension of jQuery is "write less, do more". It is cross-platform library.

It was founded by "John Resig" and first released in August 2006.

jQuery overcomes the complexity of javascript and make it much easier to use. It provides reliable cross browser functions to interacting with the Document Object Model.

Document Object Model (DOM) - The interface to access the HTML elements to remove, add and manipulate them. It captures the browser events, such as click on a link, submit a form, or scrolling down a page.

The jQuery is also more valuable because of DOM. Some older versions of browser do not support DOM. Like - IE6, IE7, IE8.

The jQuery function is actually a query constructor function (jQuery() or alias $() ). This is used to create an instance of the jQuery object.

Like -
Id Selector in Javascript



Id Selector in jQuery


Both syntaxes will do the same thing. But it would be preferable to select the second one.