English Grammar- Negation using negative words

Negations are words like no, not, and never. It is opposite of something that is actual, positive, or affirmative. It turns an affirmative statement into its opposite denial. In English Grammar, there are also some rules for negation grammatical construction that negates all or part of the meaning of a sentence.

Negation in tense

Present Indefinite Tense do – do not/ don’t, does – does not/doesn’t
Present Continuous Tense am – am not, is – is not/isn’t, are – are not, aren’t.
Present Perfect Tense have – have not/haven’t, has – has not/hasn’t
Present Perfect Continuous Tense has been – has not been, have been – have not been
Past Indefinite tense did – did not/didn’t
Past Continuous tense was – was not/wasn’t, were – were not/ weren’t
Past Perfect Tense had – had not/hadn’t
Past Perfect Continuous Tense had been – had not been/hadn’t been
Future Indefinite Tense will – will not/won’t
Future Continuous tense will be – will not/won’t be
Future Perfect Tense will have = will not have/won’t have
Future Perfect Continuous Tense will have been – will not have been/won’t have been

Examples of Negation in Tense

It’s not like that.

I don’t know.

I don’t want anything.

Don’t do this.

Don’t cheat anybody.

Don’t speak harshly.

No, she didn’t.

I will not go there.

She hasn’t come yet.

I am not asking you.

He had not come here.

He did not come here.

She was not feeling well.

Negation in Modal Auxiliary

can can not/ can’t
could could not/ couldn’t
may may not
might might not, mightn’t
must must not, mustn’t
need need not/ needn’t
should should not/ shouldn’t
would would not/ wouldn’t

Examples of Negation in Model Auxiliary

Sorry, I can’t afford it.

You shouldn’t allow this.

It can’t be so.

No, I couldn’t go.

They must not come here.

You need not do this.

You shouldn’t have gone there.

Some other Negation words

Some words like nobody, no, no one, nothing, nowhere, etc. represent the Negation.

I know nothing in this connection.

Don’t cheat anybody.

Nobody could answer these questions.

I have nowhere else to go.