English Grammar – Past Perfect Continuous Tense

The Past perfect continuous tense is used to when the action or work was going on for some time in the past.

Rules of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Subject + had been + V – ing

These are the some examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense.

Hindi English
पूरे दिन लगातार बर्फ गिर रही थी। The snow had been falling continuously all day.
वे पांच साल से लड़ रहे थे। They had been fighting for five years.
वह 1989 से पढ़ रही थी। She had been reading since 1989.
वह 1998 से खुदाई कर रहा था। He had been digging since 1998.
सीमा पर लड़ाई दो साल से चल रही थी। The fight on the border had been going on for two years.
2 दिनों से तूफान चल रहा था। The storm had been going on for 2 days.