English Grammar – Present Perfect Continuous Tense

The present perfect continuous tense is mainly used to express the action or work that started in the past and is still happening in present.

Rules of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Subject + has / have + V – ing

These are the some examples of Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

Hindi English
मैं सुबह से तुम्हारा इंतजार कर रहा हूं I have been waiting for you since morning.
वह पूरे हफ्ते आपको ढूंढती रही। She have been looking for you all week.
मैं सुबह से उसका इंतजार कर रहा हूं। I have been waiting for him since morning.
मैं पूरे दिन चल रहा हूं, मेरे पैर दर्द कर रहे हैं। I have been walking all day, My legs are hurting.
मैं घंटों से कतार में खड़ा हूं। I have been standing in the queue for hours.

सुबह से ही बारिश हो रही है। It has been raining since morning.
किसी ने मेरा कोट पहन रखा है। Someone has been wearing my coat.
मैं 9 बजे से पढ़ रहा हूं। I have been reading since 9 o’clock.
हम पांच साल से इस शहर में रह रहे हैं। We have been living in this town for five years.
वह उसकी प्रशंसा करता रहा है। He has been praising her.