German Subject Pronouns and Verbs

A subject is a part of a sentence that contains the person or thing performing the action in a sentence. It can be a noun, pronoun, person, thing or place who is doing the task. These are the lists of three different persons with German audio guide for the pronunciation of the subjects in German.

English German Voice
1st Person Singular I ich
1st Person Plural we wir
2st Person Singular you du
2st Person Plural you ihr
3rd Person Singular he, it er
3rd Person Singular she, it sie
3rd Person Plural they sie

Primary Auxiliary Verbs

The verb that act as a main in the construction of tense is called main verb, like – am, has, is, was.

English German Voice
I am ich bin
I am a girl Ich bin ein mädchen
He has a car Er hat ein Auto
She is a doctor Sie ist Ärztin
He is a student Er ist Student
She was a nurse Sie war Krankenschwester

Some auxiliary verbs used as a lexical verbs, like – to be, to have.

English German Voice
I am going ich würde, ich möchte
He has worked Er hat gearbeitet
I had told him Ich hatte es ihm gesagt
She has come Sie ist gekommen
Amma has lost her bag Amma hat ihre Tasche verloren
He is running Er rennt

Modal Auxiliary Verbs

English German Voice
I can speak German ich kann Deutsch sprechen
You can go now Du kannst jetzt gehen
It may rain today Es könnte heute regnen
It may be true Es kann wahr sein
He should not go there Er sollte nicht dorthin gehen
He must be honest Er muss ehrlich sein
I need your help Ich brauche deine Hilfe