Idioms and Phrases with meanings and examples

1. Again and again – with frequent repetition
We shouldn’t commit mistakes again and again.
2. Now and again – occasionally
Now and again, a genius is born.
3. All in all – everything
In the event, Supriya was all in all.
4. All and sundry – individually and collectively
All and sundry came to the meaning.
5. Bag and baggage – with all one’s personal property
Sita he had left home, bag and baggage.
6. Before and behind – moving forward
In war, our soldiers fought before and behind.

7. Bread and butter – supplying the basic needs of life
Gardening is my bread and butter at the moment.
9. Goods and Chattel – Property
We bought goods and chattel when we migrated in US.
10. Chock a block – extremely full
A room chockablock with furnitures.
11. Ups and downs – good and bad times
Every business has its ups and downs.
12. Pick and choose – to be very careful or particular in choosing
Employers can pick and choose who they want.
13. See eye to eye – consist
I don’t see eye to eye with him.
14. Face to face – with the fronts or faces toward each other
We were standing face to face.

15. Fair and Square – straightforwardly
We won the election fair and square.
16. Give and Take – cooperation
It’s always give and take in life.
17. Hand in hand – Concurrently
Dirt and disease go hand in hand.
18. Hodge-podge – mixing
This box is a hodgepodge of copy, toys and things.
19. Ins and outs – particular
He knows the ins and outs of civil engineering.
20. Law and order – strict control of crime and repression of violence
The government struggled to maintain law and order.

21. Off and on – Occasionally
He comes to your home off and on.
22. Really and truly – Certainly
I complete this word, really and trully.
23. Tit for tat – an equivalent given in retaliation
Tit for tat is fair play.
24. Tittle tattle – gossip
These two women love to tittle-tattle.
25. The best of both worlds – Enjoy two different opportunities at the same time
She want the best of both worlds – latest and cheap in one dress.
26. Back against the wall – to be in a tough situation with limited options
No one should be in a situation like that, with their back against the wall, fighting with their loved ones.
27. Head over heels – Completely enamored of someone
Oh, I know he’s head over heels in love with Emma.
28. A piece of cake – something is very easy.
The Science quiz was a piece of cake.
29. To feel under the weather – to not feel well.
I’m really feeling under the weather today, I have a terrible fever.
30. Let the cat out of the bag – to let a secret out in the open.
He let the cat out of the bag and finally told his parents about his plans of getting married.
31. Keep someone at arm’s length – keep distance from something or somebody.
He looks to be a fishy person. I would keep him at arm’s length if I were you.
32. The last straw – to be the last in a sequence of unpleasant things.
Raina lying to me about the money was the last straw.
33. The elephant in the room – major problem.
The elephant in the room remains the internet.