Phrasal Verbs II – list, meaning, example

There are some verbs in English that combine with propositions or adverbs to gain new meaning. Such Verb + Proposition or Verb + Adverb combinations are called Phrasal Verbs.

These are the lists of Phrasal Verbs

41. get up – rise
It doesn’t make any sense to get up so early.
She finds it very difficult to get up early.

42. get through – complete
I can’t get through to him.
He failed but his sister got through.

43. get on – make progress
Stop gossiping and get on with some work.
We can get on perfectly well without her.

44. get in – arrive
The train got in an hour late.
They had to knock the door down to get in.

45. get away – run away
Some of the prisoners got away from jail.
They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

46. give up – stop, surrender
Give up your bad habits.
I can’t answer that puzzle; I give up.

47. go ahead – continue
You go ahead and I’ll follow on.
You go ahead – I’ll follow on later.

48. grow up – become adult
He is growing up fast.
All plants like to grow up towards the sunlight.

49. hold on – stop
Would you like to hold on?
Hold on to the fourth block, then turn right.

50. Keep under – control
He knows how to keep under a cough.
His dog is too wild, so it is hard to keep under control.

51. Knock off – stop
Do you want to knock off early today?
I can knock off an article in half an hour.

52. let down – stop
Let down a rope so that I can climb up.
The plane let down gently before landing at the airport.

53. look after – take care of
Your car will last longer if you look after it.
There is no one to look after the orphan.

54. look for – to search
What are you looking for?
You must look for hotels elsewhere

55. make out – understand
I can’t make out the meaning of this sentence.
Please make out a bill for these goods.

56. pick up – take hold of
If you fail now, who will pick up the pieces?
He knelt down to pick up his hat.

57. pull down – destroy
I could not pull down a menu.
It is easier to pull down than to build up.

58. put on – open, show
Put on the light.
Put on some music to liven things up.

59. run away – flee
The thief ran away.
She wanted to run away and hide.

60. see of – send off
See off her at railway station.
We all went to see him off.

61. set in – begin
The movie is set in the future.
The house is set in ten acres of parkland.

62. settle down – stable
I’m not ready to settle down yet.
He must settle down before his marriage.

63. take after – resemble
She takes after her mother.
Your son doesn’t take after you in any way.

64. take back – withdraw
I take back what I just said.
He had to take back his words.

65. take off – remove, leave the ground
He took off his coat.
The plane will take off in a minute.

66. take over – capture
Who will take over the company?
I intend you to take over.

67. think over – consider
Please think over what I’ve said.
Think over the matter and then make a decision.

68. turn down – refuse
Why did she turn down your invitation?
Turn down the ringer on your phone.

69. wait on – serve
They all wait on the PM.
We wait on your reply to our letter.

70. wipe out – destroy completely
Wipe out the bath before you use it.
The flood wiped out the whole village.