Spanish Greetings and Polite Conversation

Spanish Daily Greetings Conversation

The greetings and polite sentences are basic to get conversation started with friends, colleagues and strangers. These are the most common form of basic greeting in Spanish that we generally used in our daily life. Click on the audio icon to get the right pronunciation.

English Spanish Listen
Good Morning Buenos días
Good day to you Que tengas un buen día
Good Afternoon Buenas tardes
Good Evening Buena noches
Good Night Buenas noches
Sweet Dreams Dulces sueños
Good day to you Que tengas un buen día
Hope to see you Espero verte
Hope to see you soon Espero verte pronto
Pleased to meet you Encantada de conocerte(feminine)

Daily Polite Conversation

English Spanish Listen
Thanks Gracias
Please Por favor
Kindly Amablemente
After you Después de ti
Welcome, Sir Bienvenido señor
It’s my pleasure De nada
Excuse me Disculpe
Allow me Me permitirá
No mention Sin mención
You are welcome De nada
It’s fine Está bien
My Pleasure El gusto es mio
Thank you very much Muchas gracias
Many many thanks to you Muchas muchas gracias a ti
Let me also help you Déjame ayudarte también
I beg your pardon Le ruego me disculpe
Please beg my apologies Por favor, disculpa mis disculpas
Sorry to have disturbed you Lamento haberte molestado
Allow me to say Permíteme decir