Data Science Recruitment of Freshers – 2019

In this article, we have mentioned about the recruitment of data science in 2019. Data Science is a buzz for every technician, computer science students. It is a boom in IT market. Every software giants either has adopted or want to adopt it. Currently, many India based and Multinational companies are looking for data science experts. As we know, the database technology is advancing day by day, apart from dashboard cloud based and mobile based applications are spread worldwide. The accelerating growth of IT companies in the past three years has been tremendous.

For this, we did an analysis on many popular job portals and searched the actual demand for data science and found that the demand for data science has increased from the last year. Many seats for the data science posts are vacant in India.

There have lots of questions in new graduates, professional, freshers mind to get hired and for becoming a data scientist in a popular form. These are some tips that can help you with recruitment.

Data Science Knowledge

It should be important to keep you with the current AI trends because the formal computer science education is not more enough. There are many open source online courses available. You should also follow the AI technical blogs. For fresher, the internship is a best way to get jobs. Many companies are more serious about providing top level training. The AI is advancing in an exponential way and are not constant. So, always keep aware of this quickly developing technology, make your ability crisp and grow your aptitude. It is essential to keep on the track of learning with the developing technology in rat race.


Data Science Language

These days the recruiters are looking for the candidates that have a mastery over one or more programming languages. And if the candidate having the right programming language knowledge according to the demand of the organization is a plus point. So for the data science, the most in demand programming languages are Python, R, SQL, Lisp, Prolog, Julia, Hive and Java.

Skills For Data Science

In addition to programming languages, the other top skill that a job searching candidate should know are different phases of data science, machine learning, analysis, statistical modelling, data cleaning etc. You can understand the different phases here – Data Science Life Cycle. It is vital to understand the basic concepts of machine learning, artificial intelligence including the deep understanding of linear algebra, analytical skills, other statistical methods as well as problem solving experience.

Where to apply

So you can be really sure that the best job in today’s world are Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Machine Learning and you also want to know where can we find the best job. As per our survey for data science on job portals, we found the data science jobs are mostly available on Linkedin, and Indeed portals.