Geography GK Questions and Answers

Questions Answers
1. Which is the largest island in the world? Greenland
2. Which is the tallest mountain in the world? Mount Everest
3. Which is the second highest mountain in the world? K2, Karakoram
4. What is the smallest mountain in the world? Mount Wycheproof
5. Who is the father of Indian geography? James Rennell
6. Which is the longest river in the world? The Nile, Africa
7. The great Victoria Desert is located in? Western Australia
8. Which is the largest parallel on the globe? EQUATOR
9. Which city in India is closest to Tropic of Cancer? Udaipur
10. Which city is nearest to the equator? Quito
11. How many countries are on Tropic of Cancer? 16 Countries
12. How many countries are present in Africa? 54 countries
13. What is the hottest place on earth? Lut Desert in Iran

14. Which country has the highest population? China
15. Tropic of Cancer lies in which hemisphere? Northern Hemisphere
16. Tropic of Capricorn lies in which hemisphere? Northern Hemisphere
17. What is the other name of torrid zone? Tropics
18. Which is the smallest state in India? Goa
19. Which is the oldest river in India? Narmada river
20. Which city is smallest in India? Lakshadweep
21. What is the UK’s smallest city? St Davids
22. Which is the coldest continent in the world? Antarctica
23. Which is hottest continent on Earth? Africa

24. What country is always hot? Maldives
25. Which is the world’s smallest country? Vatican City
26. Which of the river is the home for freshwater dolphins? Ganges river
27. What is the farthest orbiting satellite from Earth? Voyager 1’s
28. How far away is Google Earth satellite? 35,786 kilometres
29. What was the name of the first satellite? Sputnik 1
30. What was the name of the first Indian satellite in space? Aryabhata
31. What is the latitude of Tropic of Cancer? 23 degrees 26
32. What is the degree of Tropic of Capricorn? 23.5 degrees
33. Which city is closest to the prime meridian? London
34. Which place is called Greenwich of India? Ghamapur

35. Which city is known as Paris of India? Jaipur
36. The Antarctic circle is located in which hemisphere? Southern Hemisphere
37. What continent can be found in the North Hemisphere only? Europe
38. What is the study of landforms called? Geomorphology
39. Which planet is closest to Planet Earth? Venus
40. What is the nearest planet to the Sun? Mercury
41. What is the angle of inclination of the earth’s axis with its orbital plane? 23.5 degrees
42. Which day direct rays of the sun falls on the equator? 21st March and September 23rd