Indian Ancient History GK Questions and Answers

Questions Answers
1. Who was the first ruler of India? Chandragupta Maurya
2. Who found India? Vasco da Gama
3. Who found India flag? Pingali Venkayya
4. Which rulers built the Ellora temple? Rashtrakuta
5. Who made Ajanta caves? Upendragupta
6. Which is the oldest civilization in the world? Sumerian civilization
7. What is the oldest language in the world? Tamil
8. What does BC stand for? before Christ
9. What does AD stand for? anno domini
10. Which is the oldest religion? Hinduism
11. Who is the Napoleon of India? Samudragupta
12. Which book was written on statecraft by Kautilya during the Maurya period? Arthashastra
13. When was final version of Arthashastra written? 4th century B.C

14. Which book is known as Arthasastra of Gupta Age? Kautilya’s Arthashastra
15. When was the dharmashastras compiled? Between 600 and 200 B.C
16. Who was the founder of Mohenjo Daro? In 1922 by R. D. Banerji
17. When did Mohenjo Daro end? About 1500 BCE
18. Sanskrit is derived from which family of language? Indo-European family
19. What language was spoken in the Indus Valley? Harappan language (Language of Bronze Age)
20. Who is the first king of Magadha? King Bimbisara
21. Who is the founder of buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama
22. Who prepared grammar for Sanskrit? Panini

23. Where was the first technique of making silk invented? Ancient China
24. Who was the first Chinese Traveller to India? Fa Hien, in search of great Buddhist scriptures
25. Who brought Buddhism from India to China? Xuanzang
26. Who were lords of Dakshinapatha? Gautamiputra Shri Satakarni
27. Who is the father of surgery in the world? Sushruta
28. Who invented paper and when? Cai Lun, around 100 BC in China
29. What is the biggest stupa in the world? Borobudur’s

30. Which is the oldest stupa in India? The Great Stupa at Sanchi
31. Who wrote the Rig Veda? Vyasa
32. Who is called the Indian parrot? Amir Khusro
33. Who was the greatest Chauhan ruler? Prithviraj Chauhan (1178–1192 CE)
34. Who wrote Prithvirajraso? Chand Bardai
35. Who conquered Ajmer in eleventh century? Mughal emperor Akbar

36. Who is father in law of Prithviraj Chauhan? Ramchandrarao Narsimharao Ghorpade
37. Who was the king of Delhi after Prithviraj Chauhan? Muhammad Ghori
38. What is the oldest name of Delhi? Shahjahanabad (by Mughals in 1640)
39. When did Alauddin Khilji came to India? In 1304
40. Who is the founder of Lodi dynasty? Bahlul Khan Lodi
41. What was the original name of Sikandar Lodi? Nizam Khan
42. Who is regarded as the most powerful Lodi ruler? Sikandar Lodi
43. Who was the last ruler of Lodi dynasty? Ibrahim
44. Who lost the first battle of Panipat? Babur (In 1526)
45. Who was last Mughal king? Bahadur Shah II (Zafar)
46. Which ruler first established his or her capital at Delhi? Ananga Pala
47. Who wrote Akbarnama? Abul Fazl
48. Who translated Akbarnama in English? Henry Beveridge
48. Who started the construction of the Qutub Minar? Qutab-ud-din Aibak
49. Who built the Red Fort and when? Shah Jahān, in mid-17th century
50. Which rock is used in Red Fort? Dholpur Red Sandstone rock