Most in demand programming languages for 2019

In this article, we have mentioned the analyzed results of the most in demand programming language for 2019. There are hundreds of programming languages in this world , so it is very difficult to choose the right programming language that are the current buzz in the IT market. This article is for all those who are looking for a new job or want to update them self with the current software industries demand.

For this, we did an analysis on many popular job portals and searched many programming languages and got the following top ten most in demand programming languages for future or upcoming year.


most in demand languages

The top 10 most popular programming languages are as follows


The Java platform is very strong, many languages has come and gone, but java stability has remain same.
It plays lead role in enterprise applications that’s why It has an enormous amount of developer and supports. As we know, android has seen remarkable growth per year and Java is the official language for Android developers.



Python is a high level general purpose, multi paradigm open source programming language. It is both object oriented and procedural. Python is an extremely powerful and fastest growing programming language.
Python contains special libraries for machine learning and according to the Forbes ‘Machine learning startups are another source of patents Alphabet, IBM, Intel, GE, Google, Microsoft, Philips, Qualcomm, Samsung, Siemens, Sony and others monitor continually. ‘


C# is most popular language for both web and mobile applications. By using C# we can build Android, IOS, windows mobile apps. It has added more new features in its version 8 release like Non-Nullable and Nullable Reference Types, New Lightweight Classes, Default Interface Implementations, Improved Extension Support, and much more.



PHP has drastic performance improvement in its new release. It is a procedural and object oriented language. It is very easy to learn and understand. PHP 7 is the ultimate choice for web developers today.
Faster performance, less resources, and cool new features like scalar type declarations, the Spaceship Operator, anonymous classes, Unicode codepoint escape syntax, return type declarations, and much more.



C++ is standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), with the latest standard version ratified and published by ISO in December 2017.
As of 2018, C++17 is the name for the most recent revision of the ISO standard for the C++ programming language. It has gained many new features like Structured Bindings, Template Argument Deduction, Selection Initialization and much more.


The job demand for perl developer is dropped after a few years. Perl 5 added features that support complex data structures, first-class functions, and an object-oriented programming model.



R is one of the most demanded scripting language for statisticians and data analysts. It provides facility for reading, manipulating and computing data, conducting statistical analysis and displaying the results. It becomes a good choice for Analyst Manager, Business Analyst, Analyst Consultant.



Objective C is one of the first higher-level systems programming language. This is widely used in the Apple iOS development. But now it became second choice as the first choice becomes a new programming language Swift. Swift runs faster and easier to read and learn.

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