English Grammar – Preposition list with examples

Propositions have a special significance in the grammatical items you study for writing and speaking English. A particular proposition is used with a particular word. Different propositions are also used in different meanings with certain words. It shows the relationship between words in a sentence. We can use prepositions before nouns or pronouns or after adjectives and verbs. A sentence makes sense with the use of preposition.
There is a need to take special care in its use because a particular preposition is used with a particular word. These are the following preposition lists with meaning and correct usage.


nearness of some kind, nearness of place, nearness of time.

Tell me about him.

Do you know about him?

The train is about to start.

He is about 6 feet tall.

She is careless about her duties.

It is about 9 o’clock.

The show is about to start.


In a higher position, beyond the reach of

She is above suspicion.

They live above us.

My name is above yours in the list.

The flight is flying above the clouds.

I value my family above everything else.



We took a boat across the river.

Ram walked across the road.

A warm smile spread across her face.

There’s a bus stop just across the road.


later, sequence of time or place

He came after 4 o’clock.

July comes after June.

After marriage, he became rich.

I will enter after you.

He was asking after you.


in opposition of some kind

I always warn you against your enemies.

Stand your cycle against the wall.

He is not against you.

There is an injection against virus.

He was against that decision.


in the same line with anything

She walked along the highway.

The line went along the river’s bank.

Have you brought your diary along.

Plants grow along the side of the wall.


location, belonging

The wolf was hiding among the trees.

She wanted to be among friends.

He was among his own kind.



She will come at 9 o’clock.

He is at home.

He lives at Pune.

I will wait for you at the talkies.

She is looking at him.

Pulse sells at Rs 90/- a kilo.


earlier than, in front of

May comes before June.

She will come before program.

Think before speaking.

He stood before the judge.


location, cause, time

It stood behind the door.

The child was hiding behind the door.

Stay close behind me.

The train is behind its time.


location, time, amount, connection

They lived in New York between 1988 and 2019.

The money was divided between my sons.


on the further aside of

I have got nothing beyond this dress.

The damage is beyond repair.

There is a small town beyond this mountain.

Don’t spend beyond your means.



The problem is anything but easy.

He is not only a painter but also a dancer.

Everyone was there but you.


nearness of some kind

I was accompanied by my mother.

We are bored by this event.

Come and sit by me.

It is all by chance.

We travel by plane.

He is an Indian by birth.


indicating direction, period of time, indicating cause, function

I always care for him.

Is she preparing for the exams?

This is for you.

What can i do for yo?.

He has been running for an hour.

I am anxious for you.

He has been running for an hour.


motion or rest apart from anything

She has come from Goa.

Apples are falling from the tree.

He was blind from birth.

The boy was absent from school.

She stops me from going there.


rest in the interior of anything

We live in India.

She was busy in his work.

He is always in a hurry.

She is well versed in music.

We live in India.

He is always in a hurry.


moving towards the interior of something

The police inquired into the matter.

She came into my room.

He poured the tea into the cup.

Heat turns water into vapour.

Can you translate this sentence into English?


She is fond of apples.

Ram was the son of Dasratha.

Please give me a cup of tea.

He died of chorona.

I would like two litres of milk.

I know nothing of him.


We cannot rely on him.

He hit me on the hand.

Excuse me, you are standing on my foot.

She is writing on paper.

Can you stand on your head?

He is on holiday.


He is over sixty.

I heard this over the radio.

Ice is scattered over the road.

I spoke to her over the phone.

There was a notice over the door.

The bridge is over the river.


across the interior of anything

I knew it through the newspaper.

He died through accident.

There is no way through the forest.


motion towards anything

I am going to school.

He came to see us.

He is junior to me.

I am devoted to my love.



She is coming towards the office.

It is now towards afternoon.

He is very friendly towards me.


less than, lower

His case is under consideration.

These buildings are under construction.

What is under the table.

The cat is under the chair.

He is struggling under the burden of his office.


union of some kind

She cut the apple with a knife.

I was sick with fever.

He is a man with long beards.

He is writing with a pencil.

I am always with you.


inside the limit of something

The ambulance arrived within 15 minutes.

Houses within a radius of 5m.

This is not within my power.


on the outside of anything

They can’t do without me.

This is a pond without water.

We cannot live without food.